Lisbon Fire Department

From the Desk of the Fire Marshal

Fire Prevention is of utmost importance to the overall picture of the local fire protective services. As an ounce of prevention is greater than a pound of cure, the Lisbon Fire Prevention programs provide several “ounces” of prevention to Lisbon residents and those of surrounding communities. This is done through our Public Education programs, biannual fire inspections, plan reviews and acceptance testing. The Lisbon Fire Department strives to meet the demands of public education and service requests in addition to our prescheduled public appearances, presentations and educational programs.

In 2006 our public education and outreach programs included:

  • Public Access Cable Channel 14: used to motivate the community to install smoke detectors and practice family fire escape plans as well as general fire and EMS awareness. Some minor fire extinguisher use and safety equipment tips are also displayed.
  • CPR/ALS demonstrations done twice per year four health class students at Hamilton High School.
  • Boy Scout First Aid Meet: helping to nurture high quality in the youngest of our community’s first responders.
  • Fire Prevention Week: In October, discussions, presentations, apparatus shows and demonstrations are done at Richmond and Templeton Schools.
    • This years NFPA topic was: “Watch what you Heat,” an emphasis on fire safety in the kitchen and outdoors. Last years candle safety topic was also revisited, in addition to general safety tips and the history of fire prevention week.
    • New this year, was a cooperative effort between the Lisbon Fire Department, NFPA and the Scholastic education company. Scholastic Co. provided multiple fire prevention lesson plans and worksheets to the fire industry and teachers to use at no cost. I am proud to say many teachers took this opportunity to generate a fire safety lesson plans for their students. This project highlighted a few deficiencies in residential fire safety and evacuation plans. In addition, many educators generated homework to be done by the entire family, extending our efforts in to the homes as well as the schools.
  • Station Tours: community groups and the general public get a first hand look at the fire department, trucks, tools and equipment through our individual station tours, public education seminars and biannual open house event. These events allow them to explore the fire/ EMS equipment and tools while getting an informative, age appropriate lesson on fire safety, public services and the inner workings of combination fire department.
  • “Survive Alive” House: A mock up of a family home is used to demonstrate various fire conditions and scenarios for children and parents alike to explore and learn about fire safety and prevention in the home. This home is used in several events and functions throughout the year, like out Open House.
  • Senior Day: An all day event which in coordination with the United Way targeted the Willow Springs Mobile Home Community for a public outreach program to improve the safety, health and quality of living to our local senior citizens. This program sent volunteers and firefighters door to door to do fire safety inspections at the request of the homeowner. This personal contact was also used to provide information for the many resources and support programs for seniors in Waukesha County, in addition to free smoke detectors and installation as needed.
  • School to Work Program: Students from local high schools come and put in time in the firehouse getting first hand experience in what it takes to be a firefighter/ EMT and public service person.

In 2006, our Fire Inspection/ plan review and acceptance testing program has grown considerably. There were 388 commercial property inspections done, with a resultant of 1,143 noted fire code, town ordinance and safety violations, along with 772 corrected violations. The two most prevalent violations were that of the town Address Ordinance at 119 and the town Knox Box Ordinance at 118, followed by 100 exit light violations, 99 electrical panel clearance (minimum 36”) violations, and 79 expired fire extinguisher violations (extinguishers need to be serviced annually). I am pleased to see that we have successfully installed and implemented the use of 32 new Knox Boxes in the town this year, nearly doubling the number of compliant occupancies in the town. In addition to the successful biannual inspections and the significant steps made toward improved safety of the towns’ occupancies and residents, the combined efforts of the Lisbon Fire Department and the Lisbon Police Department produced an official code violation citation program. This program clearly delineated the process of citations, variances and fees to be assessed. As of this time the town does not charge for inspections as many fire departments do, however, this citation process does allow for the town to recoup some of the costs incurred due to negligent owners and resistance to compliance.

2006 brought the towns’ second automatic sprinkled building at the Redeemer United Church of Christ on Town Line Road (the first was the auditorium at Hamilton High School). As the town continues to grow the Fire Code changes of 2005 are bringing rapid changes to new construction of commercial buildings in the Town of Lisbon. As a result of its occupancy type, square footage and hazard class, Redeemer UCC installed an NFPA 13 compliant automatic sprinkler system with an 8600+ gallon underground storage tank and fire pump. The church was also fully alarmed and is remotely monitored 24 hours a day. With the construction of the church also came the implementation of our Fire Protection Permit program, Plan review program and acceptance testing procedures. The need for the implementation of these programs is being clearly demonstrated as the rapidly increasing number of Fire Protection Permits for 2007 has already grown to four (4) new applications.

Obtaining a Burning Permit

All town residents interested in obtaining a burning permit are required to obtain a permit at town hall. All burning permits are issued free of charge and all permits expire at the end of each year (12/31). For more information about specifics of a burning permit, please contact town hall (262-246-6100) or the fire department directly.

Download Chapter 34 of the Town of Lisbon Municipal Ordinance.
Chapter 34

Address Ordiance

Uniform Address

The Lisbon Fire Department strongly encourages you to take a moment this winter to ensure the safety of your family, residence, and/or place of business by complying with Section 30.007 of the Town Code. This mandates that, effective June 1, 2000, the address of your residence or place of business must be clearly visible from the road and installed parallel to the side of the street on which your home or business is located.

The address must be no more than 25 feet from the edge of the road pavement, within 10 feet of either side edge of the driveway; and between 2 feet and 5 feet above the finished grade at the point of installation. Homes and businesses sharing a common driveway or located on a private road must have numbers at the intersection with the public road, at each split, or intersection thereafter, and on the property itself.

The minimum sizes of the numbers are 2 1/4 inches wide and 3 1/2 inches high, and must be on black on white or a reflective background. Mailboxes may serve to display the house or business numbers if they are located within 10 feet of the driveway and there is no other mailbox adjacent. In instances where more than one mailbox exists, house numbers must be placed on each individual property as described above.

A written notice will be served to those in non-compliance after June 1, 2000. Those failing to comply within 10 days after receiving the written notice will be subject to a fine of not less than $50 per day for each day the violation continues, together with the cost of prosecution.

Please assist us in locating you or your property in the event of an emergency. It could mean the difference between life and death.