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Esker Technologies

The Town Of Lisbon Fire Department is proud to partner with and support local businesses such as Esker Technologies. The Town of Lisbon Fire Department allowed Esker Technologies to develop and test a new product on our 2011 Chevy Silverado Intercept Vehicle. Esker installed their product, ZeroWire which is a wireless emergency lighting module. This system allowed the emergency lights on 2687 to be wireless which reduces maintenance costs and eliminates the need to drill holes in the vehicle to run wires. The ZeroWire system has worked well for the fire department for the past three years. The relationships built between The Fire Department and businesses promote goodwill throughout the community and allow business owners and employees to interact with the department and its members. Interaction with businesses in the community allows us at the fire department to have a better understanding of how some businesses work and allows us to be better prepared to respond if an emergency should arise.

Esker Technologies has installed a ZeroWire system on a Town of Lisbon (Wisconsin) Fire Department Intercept vehicle used to respond to both fire and EMS calls. ZeroWire uses the power bus to send command and control signals, eliminating the need for separate communication wiring. For the Lisbon FD vehicle, modules were installed in the front and rear of the truck that connected to the light bar, grille lights, side marker lights, taillights and Opticon system. (Taken From Esker Technologies Website) 

“ZeroWire will have a significant impact on reducing the time and labor costs associated with adding emergency lighting and other items to fire and police vehicles,” stated Lisbon’s Fire Chief Doug Brahm. “Especially with the tight budgets that departments like ours are facing, advanced technology like ZeroWire will save us money. It also provides the capability to add features and functions in the future without having to pull new wire through a vehicle,” Chief Brahm added. (Taken From Esker Technologies Website)

Lisbon Fire Department 3rd Annual Gun Raffle!

The Lisbon Fire Department is holding its Third annual gun raffle this year. Tickets are available for purchase at our fire station at N54 W26455 Lisbon Rd, or through any Lisbon firefighter, and are $20 per ticket. Only 1,000 tickets are available and there is no purchase limit - keep in mind that we sold out early last year!  

Our drawings have started, THANK YOU for your support!

For complete information, please CLICK HERE or click the "about" tab above to view our 2015 Gun Raffle Webpage, which has full details on tickets, the drawing process, rules, and frequently asked questions.

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The Lisbon Fire Department was created in 1982 to meet the specific fire and rescue needs of the people of Lisbon. The Lisbon Fire Department is committed to maintaining a state of readiness to meet the needs of the community. The Lisbon Fire Department is proud to be a leader among peer departments, meeting challenges with determination.

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9/11 Memorial

The Town of Lisbon's 9/11 memorial is located at the Lisbon Town Hall on Woodside Rd.

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